Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vacation, Dreams & A Scentsy GIVEAWAY!

We just came home from an amazing extended weekend in SUNRIVER. It was so relaxing. It was a much needed vacation.
Last night I was feeling lonely for my favorite blogs, so I had a chance to jump on the computer {not literally} once everyone went to bed. I will NEVER do that again... It made for some interesting dreams, I did wake up laughing, to say the least. I will post some pictures, and MAYBE tell a little about my dream {you may laugh too!} Later!

ANYWAY... to get on with the super fun and interesting.


My dear friend Carrie wants to give my readers a chance to win a...

*$25 gift card*
Here are some of my faves...

{Dotty} The current warmer of the Month

{Scentsy Buddies} LOVE THEM!

My current favorite scent is {Sun Kissed Citrus} Heaven.

Oh... and last but NOT least.
{Campus Warmers}


1. Stop by Carrie's site HERE, sign up for her news letter, and tell me which scent & warmer are your faves.
2. "LIKE" Carrie on Facebook
3. Follow Oh-Buttons publicly

That's 3 quick entries... Want more??
4. Blog about this giveaway
5. Share on Facebook, or tweet
Leave me a comment and let me know what you've done so you can be given credit for each entry!

Giveaway ends {April 1st} at 10pm pacific time.
Winner will be announced Monday {April 4th}

Enjoy your week.



  1. I liked her on Facebook and I love Scentsy!

  2. And I follow you now! Thanks for running the contest.

  3. the foam sounds awesome! and i facebooked carrie's giveaway!