Friday, February 18, 2011

Okay... it was 8:16pm

I know I said I would draw a winner at 8pm... but I had kidlet trouble CRAZINESS tonight. So the winner was drawn at 8:16. I hope it doesn't ruin anyones lives, or send anyone into total turmoil. {because I know I have the effect on people, hehehe} Yep, life gets a little crazy around here sometimes, but we sure do enjoy laughing! We laughed A LOT tonight. Lost track of time... {can I keep you waiting any longer?} Alright, I'll get on with it.
I have loved reading all your comments, and I must apologize for not being able to thank each one of you individually! {THANK YOU}

And the Winner is... {drum roll please}

{First time visitor, i can't wait to see what else you have to show us! when i first saw your jars, i thought i could make those, but after i read that it took days and multiple coats of paint, i think i'd rather win one! those jars are really awesome! }

Carrie, please email me with your info, and I will get a jar sent out to you!!!

Please don't forget... Head on over and check out Tippy toez {only if you want super cute accessories for you and your kids} discount ends February 28th @midnight.


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